We're on a mission to bring local back, and we need your help.

We all have our favourites, those local producers and growers that you really can't go without visiting once or twice a week. For most of us, going through lockdown without having these guys to call upon has been tough. As it is often said, you never know what you have until its no longer there.

Well, we want to make sure it is always there and you can help. Totally Local is a clever little online marketplace that means you can continue to get the local flavours you love, picked up or delivered to your door - even in a lockdown! This is a call to action to let us know of any local providers that you just can't live without. Share a few details with us and we'll do our best to get their Totally Local store up and running, quick smart. And, if they're already here, we'll let you know. Together, let's bring local back!